About Kirsten

Growing up, I loved all things photography, art, and fashion.  At an early age, I would continuously sketch and paint portraits and landscapes. I submerged myself in creating art and loved everything about it. I designed landscapes and scoured through fashion magazines. I would cut up bits and pieces of magazines and old calendars to create collages that I could tie together in my paintings. My love of creating scenes shaped the way that I viewed the world. I saw art in everything around me. After I began using my first camera, I was set on being a photographer. In college, I became intrigued with digital manipulation and I loved how it reminded me of painting. I enjoyed being able to create scenes using the camera and computer as my medium. Today, I incorporate my knowledge and familiarity of painting into my retouching, using layers and tools to build up the image to perfection. 


From the first moment that I picked up a camera, until today, I've traveled 

around the world mastering the art of photography and retouching.


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